Berry Bucks


Since Great Patients Deserve Great Rewards, We’d Like to Introduce Berry Bucks!

Earn Berry Bucks by doing all those things we ask you to, like:

  • Most important! Have sparkling clean teeth – earn a TOKEN!
  • Be on time for your appointment – more TOKENS!
  • Nothing broken – YES, more TOKENS!
  • Wear those rubber bands or retainers – another TOKEN!
  • If you get less than 4 at each visit, improvement is needed. Parents need to be informed that treatment may take longer.
  • Refer a friend – get 50 TOKENS!!!
  • We are still rewarding for Honors report cards and for bringing in articles if you make it in the newspaper.

Great things to buy or save tokens for:

  • iTunes Music gift card
  • Starbucks gift card
  • American Express gift card
  • Target gift card
  • Chick-fil-A gift card
  • Tropical Smoothie Café gift card